unikátní technologie v jednom zařízení k odstranění kondenzátu, oleje a pevných částic ze systému stlačeného vzduchu a technických plynů dle ISO 8573

kondenzát, čistý vzduch, technický plyn



ISO8573-2 (oil aerosol): 0,01 mg/m3 >91% (* SGS the test results are lower than the detection limit)
ISO12500-3 (particles): 99% at1 µm, 90% at 0,2 µm
ISO12500-4 (water): 99,9999% in range 1-16 bar
ISO12500-1 (oil aerosol): 0,0004 mg/m3 při 99,996% (IUTA results of FDKIT3 microfiltration tests)

Bacteria test Staphylococcus aureus: 99,998%
Bacteria test Brevundimonas diminuta ATCC19146: 99,993%

SGS General test for epoxy adhesives / seals according plastic material for contact with food 90/128 / EEC and directive 97/48 / EEC (Amendment 90/128 /EEC) and 2005/79/EC (Amendment 2002/72 / EC) for the stimulant used (deionized water, 3% aqueous acetic acid, 10% ethanol, rectified olive oil).

ExVeritas ATEX II 2G II C T6 Gb file 15FILE0037

Filtdryer® products are classified under the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU into the SEP category. This directive concerns the determination of five categories of equipment: SEP, I, II, III and IV (the higher pressure end volume is, a higher category). The CE marking only applies to categories I to IV, where the SEP (abbreviation "Sound Engineering Practice") cannot be marked as CE under the PED and common sense can be used by the manufacturer when designing the equipment.

Filtdryer® is protected by patents and trade mark in more than 50 countries.